Trump Was Right They Spin The Truth!

Past FBI Director James B. Comey testified that he knew very little about a Democratic Party financed dossier in which FBI agents relied on wiretaps with Trump campaign volunteer and targeted more Republicans in a 28+month period.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign conspired with British MI6 spy Christopher Steele.  And eventually, the firm Fusion GPS made the direct payment.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign had not disclosed a relationship with Steele to the Federal Election Commission.

Republicans saw the dossier as an opposition research hoax that never should have been relied on by the FBI. Steele made a series of election conspiracy charges against President Trump, that have yet to be proven publicly.

Hillary Clinton’s dossier plot against President Donald Trump trapped Army General Michael Flynn, a 33-year highly awarded military officer. Flynn was charged with lying.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller refused to release the original 302 Report to a US Federal Court judge. US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, also, refusing to allow FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka to testify.

It was further revealed that the Defense Intelligence Agency is now refusing to release a document that contains excellent exculpatory information about General Flynn, too.

SOURCE “Silence Falls Upon America”