“The Calm Before The Storm”, Donald Trump Warning Us “The Fixer” Begins The Countdown

President Donald Trump’s Warning To American Citizens

President Donald Trump taking power over the United States on 20 January 2017, was matched against 2 of the most evil-minded forces ever before to have been witnessed in American background. The subterranean crime families the Clinton’s and the Bush’s.

Who for decades conspired to create what is recognized as the “Deep State“. They have utilized themselves as well as executed their challenges while staying unaccountable, and irrepressible.

Yet whose criminal offenses & growing power caused the US armed forces to revolt.  Then came genuine estate multi-billionaire oligarch Donald Trump warning American citizens. The sole objective of ruining both crime families, before they could stage a coup. As they would’ve taken complete control over the USA.

The entire operation to do so is being supervised by the secretive as well as strange United States military intelligence device called “QAnon.”

The Bush Criminal activity reduced the effects of the US military police officers. So, Trump designated to the US High Court their fellow Bush family selected Justices John Roberts, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas.

Shockingly revealed over 6,000 pages of evidence & documents compiled by U.S. government investigators. Thus proving, massive crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. And former CEO of the Clinton Foundation currently “spilling the beans” to Donald Trump’s investigators. “I know where the bodies are buried” thus the “Celebrity Deathmatch” begins!


VIDEO SOURCE Donald Trump Warning America