President Trump Mocks Jim Acosta “I Appreciate Your Sales Pitch”


President Donald Trump offered mocking praise for CNN entertainer Jim Acosta’s report from the Wall, in which Acosta found that the wall seems to be working in places where it is already built.

“Good job yesterday, I appreciate your sales pitch,” President Trump said to Acosta.

The president said that he would prefer to see this urgency at the U.S.-Mexico border addressed by the Democrats and Congress, but restated his warning that if the Democrats were unable to agree, he would declare a national emergency.

“We have a country that is under siege,” Trump explained. “People don’t like the word invasion. We’re being invaded by criminals and drugs, and I want to stop it. I want the Democrats to come back Washington and to vote. Thank you very much, thank you, everybody. Thank you.”

Reporters continued to shout questions over each other as Trump sat back, apparently finished with the discussion. But then he turned to CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta and said, “Good job yesterday. I appreciate your sales pitch. I appreciate your sales pitch.”