President Donald Trump Fills The Sky, “Sign Of The Times”

An alarm is growing over President Donald Trump. As he plans to impose martial law over the United States. The known masterminded is Army General Mark Milley who heads the secretive military intelligence organization “QAnon.”

Within 24 hours, Trump has flooded the night skies over America. The U.S. military transport warplanes subtle demonstration in the sky is subtle. President Donald Trump’s ability to deploy combat forces anywhere they’re in the U.S. is improving.

Political stress is near a snapping point as the “witch hunt” shenanigans of Mueller continue. Mueller’s team released redacted U.S. Federal Court papers appearing to affirm that President Donald Trump committed a criminal offense.

The U.S. Military Code Of Honor Says:

We don’t take a vow to a country. Never vow to a tribe or an in the dirt.

We are the only military in the globe, that does not take an oath to a king, a queen, an oppressor, a head of state.

The extremely core significance of the Army is that we are devoted to you, the United State Citizen.

“the duty of soldiers and officers is to the US Constitution, not any political party or figure”

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