Is Donald Trump Preparing For The Trial Of The Century?

The Panama Documents

According to this report, the Panama Documents are 11.5 million leaked documents that detail financial and attorney-client details for greater than 214,488 offshore entities. President Donald Trump has baffled these intelligence experts in keeping their deceptive tactics, as well as outside US military intelligence company, understood to be “QAnon.”

Seasoned American press reporter & author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, revealed that a team of generals who informed him that Donald Trump was actually recruited by US military secret committee to run in the 2016 Presidential Political election. This was thought to assist in removing the corrupt “Deep State” officials from positions of power. Dr. Corsi is in a battle to deny information to Special Advice Robert Mueller whom he rejects to speak to anymore.

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Path Used By Hillary Clinton

For the very first time in history, Russia’s knowledge agency chiefs having traveled to Washington D.C. earlier this year to compound evidence of laundering path used by Hillary Clinton. The legitimate company from whom the Panama Documents were taken by “QAnon,” were three of the clues leading police to the source within US custody so they would “singing like birds.” All that continues to be to be seen is when President Trump will fulfill his promise to the American people and also lastly “Lock Her Up.”

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