Stevie Wonder & Beyonce Use Hurricane Benefit Concert to Push Climate Change Agenda!

Stevie Wonder opened up the “Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief Telethon” with some charming, feel-good views that went off track within secs. He began by stating,
” We’ve integrated today to love on the individuals that have actually been ravaged by the storms. When love goes into action, it preferences no color of skin, no ethnicity, no religious ideas, no sexual orientations, as well as no political persuasions. It just enjoys …”.

Last night there was a substantial hurricane relief benefit concert program survive 15 networks and, like the last time there was a storm telethon in 2005 (AHEM, checking out you Kanye), some celebs needed to make it about themselves and their leftist sights.

Gorgeous view, right? Who could differ with that?

Amusing exactly how she does not discuss the disgust putting out of the left for the last month, including liberals saying the storms are punishment for Trump or leftist cartoonists buffooning traditional Texans for allegedly being sanctimonious.

However what regarding all that love liking “no political persuasions” talk?! How swiftly Wonder’s unsupported claims counted on despise and also disrespects, although I’m not quite sure what to earn of a blind man calling others blind.

And after that, obviously, Beyoncé brought up the leftist environment cause previously called worldwide warming: “The results of environment change are playing out around the globe everyday. Just this past week, we’ve seen destruction from the gale in India as well as 8.1 quake in Mexico, as well as several catastrophic typhoons.”.

Yet after that came the publicity: “As we ought to begin to like and value our world, as well as anybody that believes that there is no such point as global warming should be blind or unintelligent. Lord, please conserve all of us.”.

Yeah, well, if all you’re looking for is racism, after that you’ll locate it almost everywhere. They do not see if you’re an immigrant, black or white, Hispanic or Asian, Jewish or Muslim, well-off or bad … Seeing everyone of various racial, social, and spiritual histories put their very own lives at danger to help each various other survive restored my confidence in mankind.”.

One point I truly want a solution to from climate modification alarmists is this: If this year’s big storm period is expected to be proof of international warming, just how do they discuss the previous 12 years without a major cyclone making landfall in the United States?

When Beyoncé came on in a pre-taped section, the charity event proceeded smoothly with performances and also celebs addressing phone calls till about 15 mins later on. The police-hating, Obama-loving vocalist right away played the race card, stating “During the time where it’s difficult to watch the news without seeing violence or racism in this nation, simply when you think it couldn’t perhaps worsen, all-natural disasters take valuable life, do substantial damage, and also for life alter lives …”.

Environment adjustment causes earthquakes now? Are we simply attributing anything negative that happened in the last week to international warming?

Yet let’s not allow that bit of spitefulness during the performance overshadow every person else who added to an excellent reason. The fundraiser was a success, raising over $15 million in a fifty percent and also a hr, with donations continuing to be approved.

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