Special Counsel Robert Mueller might have received what was referred to as universal praise from the Political elite and media, but his history as well as his vital role in the failures of the Iraq war have now returned to haunt Mueller, making everyone question his credibility on the serious matters he is tasked with.

WikiLeaks have went on Twitter to post a video in which his connections to Bush and the Iraq war are analyzed in detail, writing:

The video goes on to explain how whenever there is such a “praise” from the political arena for a specific thing or a person, there is always a reason for concern, and that proved to be true in Mueller’s case, when it was discovered that back in February 2003 he helped Bush make the case for war in Iraq. As we all know, U.S. history remembers the Iraq war as one of the cataclysmic actions that our nation has ever had, and yet, most of the officials and others involved in making the move, such as Mueller, never really suffered direct hits. Instead, years later they are being praised as heroes and their colossal failures are being ignored. SPECIAL COUNSEL MUELLER was For The IRAQ WAR! Do You Understand That?

While it remains to wait and see how Mueller handles the Russia investigations, it sure does make it suspicious that one individual most capable of setting up Trump has been appointed to lead such a controversial investigation.

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVZPIqdgbjSnA_L-sDye2cQ?sub_confirmation=1


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