Prince Harry Flashes ‘Ominous’ Sign While Standing Next To Melania, Here’s What It Means

A shocking image is flowing on social networks after Prince Harry had a little get together with First Lady Melania Trump. It appears that not whatever went according to plan as the English royal apparently flashed a hand sign while standing next to the First Lady during a picture op– and here’s what creative liberals believe that it indicates.

The occurrence happened as the two fulfilled in Toronto, Canada, for the Invictus Games on Saturday night, however images of the exchange have actually only just recently started to go viral. In what many have referred to as a “conspiracy theory,” it looks as though there was something a bit more than meets the eye when it pertained to exactly what occurred throughout a photo op.
As it ends up, Prince Harry may have flashed an “ominous” sign while standing next to Melania– and now, we may know what it possibly suggests. BizPac Review reports that individuals all throughout the web appear to believe that Harry was revealing a “devil indication” as a warning to the world. However, there’s simply one problem with their speculation.

Let’s take an appearance at what all the hassle is about. Undoubtedly, when seeing a video of the duo’s conference, it most certainly looks deliberate as Harry slips his middle 2 fingers beneath his match coat. From there, viewers search as he puts his previously hidden pinky on top in exactly what appears to be a purposeful act. Things still may not be exactly what lots of would have you think.

And while all the speculation is amusing, it does seem that there might be a history to Prince Harry making the hand sign.

As far back as 2010, his royal highness might be seen doing the hand gesture while talking to RAF employees.

And in July, he did a variation of the gesture while at the StreetGames ‘Fit and Fed’ summertime vacation activity session in Central Park, East Ham, London. [Source: Mail Online] It certainly doesn’t look as though this gesture was done to send America some secret message that Melania is “wicked.” In reality, seeing how much Harry loves the military and has actually respect for injured warriors (hence, his participation in the most recent occasions), it might simply really suggest respect. More likely than not, it does not imply a damn thing and is rather just regular.

Obviously, we may never ever really understand the true answer, however it looks like the left is simply doing what they do best– spreading out fake news. You understand, for people who hate that term as much as they do, you ‘d think they ‘d care a bit more about inspecting into things prior to sharing ridiculous madness like this.

Lunatic leftists were quick to state that Harry was calling Melania a “devil” or “devil,” and some even recommended that he was attempting to alert the world or “funneling the Illuminati,” however they might have jumped the gun– as normal. Pertain to discover, this isn’t the first time that Harry has flashed the sign. Much more damaging to the left’s attempt at Melania-bashing on the world phase is the reality that he always seems to use the gesture throughout matters of a severe nature.

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