A Personal Story On The Las Vegas Concert Shooting, So It Doesn’t Get Lost!

A personal story on Vegas Shootings so it doesn’t get lost

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So Jason Aldean was 5 songs in if I remember correctly and the fire crackers went off in the middle of his performance and people all around us were looking around dazed and slightly confused, then 15 seconds later the fire crackers went off once more (to break the second window where the shooter unloaded his first magazine) I saw the muzzle flashes as soon as the fire crackers stopped and there was a man who tumbled over my girlfriend and I and said there was shots and there was a guy in front of him who died right away. Then more shots started and we all dropped and at that time my girlfriend was frozen and still and had 3-4 people on top of her.

I pulled her out from under the people and ran for 5 seconds and then another series of shots came and more bodies went down with wounds and blood was all over the place and even on me at this point. That moment there was 3-5 people I saw completely unresponsive on the ground.
We got up and ran for around 15 seconds and I continuously checked my back to feel a shot wound and I was under great relief to find that I was not shot before more shots came but since everyone was running towards the entrance the shooter at MGM was shooting as everyone was running towards the entrances to exit. My girlfriend and I kept VERY low the entire time we heard any shot. We ran to the back of the venue and there was an Orange Gate pried up on the fence and people already on it climbing to get over. I got over and they were 2 girls on it who froze and I yelled “COME ON LETS MOVE… DOUBLE TIME!! LETS GO” and they raced up the gate and got over the fence and we proceeded as well and we ran across the street to Tropicana parking lot where more shots from Mandalay proceeded and we hide behind cars in the lot. We all proceeded through a hallway where everyone had their hands up and was proceeding through the hallway and then went into a common area with 3 exit points. One for the pool area where a gentlemen with a black polymer suitcase walked in and I frantically asked if he worked and he was entirely calm and said no and I asked to see what was inside the suit case and he scoffed and said no and another man yelled “YEAH WHATS IN THE SUITCASE IM WITH THIS MAN” and as he started to open the case everyone started yelling in the room where they were escorting everyone and they all scattered and ran through where we entered.

I ran outside where the pool area was and my girlfriend stayed back as she froze again, 5 seconds passed as I ran out the door and I didn’t see my girlfriend and I opened the doors and she was on the ground crying and I yelled and told her to come as I ran to grab her we got out and hid in a cabana that was closed and laid on the couch there for 30 minutes I kept telling her to keep her down and keep quiet as there was a shooter in Tropicana that was to my understanding still on the loose so we kept real quiet
We then proceeded to an alleyway by the parking structure and saw muzzle flashes coming from Excalibur and New York New York and I pushed her to the pillar and she froze (every time shots went off she froze so I had to help maneuver her into safe positions) we then ran through a hallway and a guy grabbed my girlfriend and said to go down the hallway towards the Tropicana entrance and I was not going inside so we ran around back into the alley where I saw an industrial trash can and told her to jump in first and we laid in there and found cardboard boxes and I pulled them over us to keep cover and we laid there for 3 hours as the helicopters and police personnel were scavenging the area
We then figured running to Luxor around 1:30-2am would be fine and as we jumped out there was a police who helped escort us to the now locked down with police in tactical gear Tropicana and to escort us into the convention center and they made sure everyone was unarmed and we had water and blankets and everyone was waiting for the police to clear the rooms in the surrounding hotels to allow us back into our rooms. We personally didn’t get released to go to Luxor until 4:20 am and we are now okay.



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