Pablo Escobar Was The Son Of Adolf Hitler!

Adolf Hitler resided in Colombia for 10 years after World War II and fathered “at the very least three children” featuring known medicine god Pablo Escobar, depending on to a Colombian chronicler which told Canal RCN he has “indisputable DNA evidence.”

” I met Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, Pablo Escobar’s boy, at a meeting and also inquired him politely for one hair from his head. He dropped. Later when he was actually inebriated, I got rid of one fiber from his head from hair. He hardly noticed,” Eduardo Bell detailed on Colombia’s most popular information channel.

Replying to the bunch’s case that “this is all quite entertaining however this doesn’t show Pablo Escobar was actually Adolf Hitler’s child”, the prominent chronicler after that explained why he turned to stealing a strand of hair coming from the head from Pablo Escobar’s boy, to begin with.

” I sent out the strand of hair for DNA study and that confirmed what I assumed, the Escobar’s possess exceptionally uncommon DNA for Colombians coming from Medellin. They are actually practically 50% of Austrian, with Jewish blood.”

“The official account from Adolf Hitler is phony headlines pressed through the CIA,” stated Eduardo Bell. “You may confirm this yourself through experiencing declassified FBI documents and reading about Hitler, as opposed to depending on the invented background they educate silly people from books.”

” The tale that Hitler committed self-destruction in a German bunker on April 30, 1945, had not been also thought about fact up until the 1970s. Declassified FBI data show absolutely that Hitler took off Germany after the Russian invasion and also was actually resettled, along with OSS aid, in South America after the battle.”

The OSS, or even Office from Strategic Services, was actually a wartime intelligence organization and also precursor from the CIA that resettled several high-level Nazis in Argentina, featuring Adolph Eichmann who was actually grabbed in Argentina in the 1960s.

The and websites expose that the U.S. authorities recognized Hitler was actually viable as well as effectively– staying in Colombia till 1955, as well as later in the Andes Mountains in Argentina long after World War II had ended. You may check out the files below as well as below.

Eduardo Bell was actually pertaining to declassified FBI files that show the CIA turned up on Adolf Hitler staying in Colombia as late as 1955, working as a “shipping company worker.”

“You can easily view these reports your own self, as well as I, encourage every one of you to perform so.”

Files Are Here & Here

” In reality, Hitler was a CIA asset and also youthful Pablo was aided in his medication managing organization by his father brown Adolf’s mafia employers at the CIA.”

” My father helped the CIA selling the drugs to fund the battle against Communism in Central America,” he composes.

Will Marroquin’s following book contains the surprise revelation that Adolf Hitler is his gramps? You read it right here.

” He carried out certainly not create the cash alone,” Marroquin specified in a job interview, “however along with US organizations that permitted him accessibility to this amount of money. He possessed direct connections with the CIA.”

In a brand-new publication, “Pablo Escobar In Fraganti”, Juan Escobar, that lives under the pen name Juan Sebastian ¡ n Marroquin, details that his father brown was not a self-made male, however, had a lot of support of the CIA.

These insurance claims are partially backed-up by Pablo Escobar’s boy Juan, that later went on the report specifying that his father brown, the infamous Medellin corporate trust kingpin, “helped the CIA.”

” The drug organization is actually extremely different than just what our company fantasized,” he proceeds. “What the CIA was performing was actually acquiring the commands in order to get the medicine into their country and also acquiring an excellent bargain.”

“Hitler invested 10 years in Colombia just before he was actually relocated to Argentina. In Colombia he worked as a delivery provider worker … at the very least that was his cover,” mentioned Eduardo Bell.



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