Now This Is Fake News! Cosmopolitan Says Hillary And Bill Clinton Have A Great Marriage!

You will discover no measures to which liberals in journalism won’t visit prop up Hillary. In some circumstances even spinning or disregarding history. Cosmopolitan Magazine is presently making a crazy claim.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Says Hillary and Bill Clinton have the tendency to be “Good Marriage Role Models”

Life News reports:

Just the actual sex-preoccupied authors at Cosmopolitan could attempt that line out. There are a terrific number of ways to attempt to protect the Clintons. That’s not the one.

In the post The Clintons and the truth of a substantial marriage, the women’s paper attempts to assist make the case that this Clinton relationship is actually one which everybody ought to admire. Obviously, hating philandering guys is not a part of the real feminist strategy. At least, so long as one’s spouse is running for president.

When the Clintons make the perfect version of a good marital relationship, Bernie Madoff is an excellent design for investment banking.

Costs Clinton’s long walk along memory lane told Cosmo author Ada Calhoun that the Clintons’ 45-year marital life has actually “lasted longer than the Gores, the extremely first 2 Trump marriages, and the initial 2 Gingrich marital relationships.” Remarkable, instead of a low bar. Why not toss in Elizabeth Taylor and even Henry VIII?

However wanted Hillary Clinton stuck through her person! She “could have placed her spouse’s irresponsibility behind her just like a bad new hairdo and handled to move on to carry on her change-making as well as accomplishments without having him. Nevertheless, the woman remained.” And today, the great old couple “are able to be doting grandparents together, mutually helping each other within their latest acts, and possibly becoming the extremely first wed in order to couple in order to ever each be President, which can make an excellent Christmas card. ”

The left is aiming to make Hillary look great.

The post assaults divorcees Giuliani, Trump, in addition to Gingrich for being against Hillary standing by her unfaithful guy. These gentlemen, Calhoun regrets, believe “you should have the ‘decency’ to desert your spouse” if you betray. Let alone the decency to not be unfaithful, to begin with, right Bill?

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