Clinton Operative Found Dead Days Before Indictments Due In Court!

Mostyn was likewise closely connected to kids’ charities including his own Mostyn Moreno Educational Foundation.

His better half, Amber Mostyn, who also acted as an aide to Bill and Hillary Clinton, informed The Texas Tribune that her hubby died after “a sudden onset and battle with a psychological health concern.”

A popular lawyer and cheats political operative, John Mostyn was among Hillary Clinton’s top campaign donors, raising over $1 million and working closely with the Clinton team in Texas.

Leading Hillary Clinton donor and Democratic Celebration operative John Mostyn was discovered dead on Wednesday, simply days before the sealed indictments are expected to be given out. He was 46.

The abrupt and unforeseen death of the elite Democratic operative has triggered fears the Clinton camp is “cleaning up home” before the indictments are unsealed and legal cases start. There are 10 sealed indictments in Houston. Let’s see if it now drops to nine.

The news of Steve Mostyn’s unexpected death comes after William D. Campbell, a Russian insider who was because of affirming to a Senate committee on Monday that Hillary Clinton accepted allurements in the uranium scandal, went into hiding, telling buddies that he survived an attempt on his life.

Caution that he has “currently made it through one attempt on my life given that it was revealed by the Sessions DOJ that I mean to affirm,” Campbell declares that if it wasn’t for the fact he brought, he would have been eliminated during a routine every day walking in the hills behind his house.

Campbell was due to testify against the Clintons on Monday– a statement that legal experts cautioned might put Clinton behind bars for “twelve plus years”– nevertheless Campbell did not make it to the hearing on Capitol Hill.

Describing that he was amazed by an armed male in the woods, Campbell stated he drew his weapon and held the man’s gaze till he disappeared.



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