20 Things You Didn't Know About Barack Obama!

20 Things You Didn't Know About Barack Obama!


"20 Things You Didn’t Know About Barack Obama! 20 Related to Brad Pitt President Obama is a 9th cousin of actor Brad Pitt. Amazingly, while the President shares a bloodline with Brad Pitt, Hillary Clinton shares a bloodline with Angelina Jolie. Barack is also related to six of our former presidents: George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman and James Madison. There is actually a

conspiracy out there that every President so far has genealogical relations to one another. They all come from one bloodline, and it's up by the government to decide who actually gets elected. 19 He enjoys a good rant! Some people will likely take pleasure in knowing that the 44th President of the United States has admitted to letting off some steam through a well thought out and written rant, and that he is

not always the best at watching his language. These rants – or “scathing” responses – to his critics are of course private and he usually crumbles them up and tosses them in the waste bin after he has calmed down. Obama has even recently admitted in an interview with Vanity Fair that, “I curse more than I should, and I find myself cursing more in this office than I had

in my previous life.” 18 Hail to the Chef! President Obama has been said to have many interesting talents for a U.S. President, one includes knowing his way around a kitchen. His favorite foods to cook are stir-fry and chili. He is also a bit of a foodie, and loves homemade shrimp linguini and a great barbecued burger. President Obama has such an affinity for healthy and quality cuisine that he hired

his favorite chef from Chicago, Sam Kess, as one of his main cooks and as his Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy. 17 Pin-up Calendar Back when the President was in Harvard, he applied to be in a black pin-up calendar, which was hosted by an all-female committee. He's always been known to have a certain attraction from the ladies but he was rejected by the committee. In the book, The Secret Life

of Barack Hussein Obama, it states that besides the initial knowledge of it happening, the author wanted the rest of the information left to the imagination of the reader. 16 Hates Ice Cream? Okay, perhaps he does not hate the delicious frozen treat, but his time spent slinging scoops of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins as a teen left a sour (instead of sweet) taste in his mouth! During his recent campaign asking business

owners to create more job opportunities for teenage workers during the summer of 2016, he admitted that working his first job at the ice cream parlor was “brutal”, and that scooping ice cream was a lot harder than it looks. He also joked that he was, “less interested in what the job meant for [his] future and more concerned about what it meant for [his] jump shot.” 15 Barry O'Bomber. It is no

secret that President Obama is a huge fan of sports, especially Basketball. It was often reported that during his original campaign for president, he would rather have the television station turned to ESPN or another sports network, instead of CNN or other news outlets. While attending Hawaii's Punahou High School, Mr. Obama played for the school's basketball team, and was amusingly nicknamed O'Bomber for his jump shot skills. Interestingly, President Obama's high

school jersey number was none other than the No. 23, which later became famous by fellow Chicagoan Michael Jordan. 14 Nerdy Side It might be hard to imagine that President Obama, who is known for his incredibly cool demeanor, is actually a bit of a nerd. In fact, he LOVES comic books, and has since he was a young kid. Unfortunately for D.C. Comic book fans, Obama seems to favor Marvel Comics,

especially Spider-Man. He has also confessed his love for Conan the Barbarian, and there is even a custom comic book spin off titled Barack the Barbarian. President Obama has also appeared as a character in over 20 other comic books since he took office! 13 Do you even lift? Much like his favorite superheroes, and even his own comic book likeness Barack the Barbarian, President Obama is a surprisingly strong man. It has been

reported that the former Senator can bench up to 200 lbs and is extremely disciplined in the gym. In fact even while traveling to other countries, the POTUS makes sure he finds time to work out each day. Personal trainers who have witnessed the president workout, have said he has near perfect form. Famed fitness guru and creator of the P90X workout, Tony Horton, even rates Obama's form as an A minus. While

some people scoff at some of the habits of his workout routine, one thing is for certain, he is one of the fittest presidents the United States has ever seen. 12 Call him Ishmael President Obama is an avid reader, and it has been said that his favorite novel is the classic tome, Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Obama has admitted to being a major bibliophile his entire life, and

especially while attending Occidental College in California. Mr. Obama is also a huge supporter of small mom 'n pop and independent bookstores, in fact he was recently photographed purchasing over a dozen books from Washington based indie bookstore Politics and Prose. Some of the president's favorite books include The Great Gatsby, Song of Solomon, Of Mice and Men, and Shakespeare's tragedies among others. 11 Student loans Many college students were won over by

President Obama's understanding of how difficult it is to pay off burdensome student loans in the United States today. While campaigning for reelection in 2012, he revealed to the students of North Carolina University that he and First Lady Michelle, had only repaid their student loans 8 years before, in 2004! The revelation that even a Senator and soon after, President, struggled with repaying his student loans truly resonated with college-aged students throughout

the country. Obama, along with The Department of Education and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has even made efforts to improve the federal student loan system, and make it easier for students to repay their loans. 10 Grammy Winner Just like his former Secretary of State and now Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama is a Grammy winner. In face the current U.S. President has won a pair of the golden statuettes! His

two Grammy Awards were for Best Spoken Word Album for the 1995 audio recording of his personal memoir Dreams from My Father (re-released in 2004), and his next win was for his second memoir The Audacity of Hope released in 2008. His second memoir, which recounted his life in politics and views on policies, became an overnight success after Oprah Winfrey personalty endorsed it. 9 “One who is blessed.” When our 44th

President was elected, he received a lot of backlash from critics over his name. But did you know Barack actually means "one who is blessed" in Swahili? Also, his (oft controversial) middle name Hussein means “good” or “handsome one” in Arabic, while his last name Obama is a very old Kenyan surname that is believed to mean “to bend” or “to lean”. So when you put it all together, our current

president's name means he is a blessed, good, and handsome man... although, it probably cannot be said that he is known to bend or give up under pressure! 8 He experimented with drugs as a youth! It might be incredibly surprising for some to know that the former Illinois Senator and the 44th President of the United states experimented with drugs as a teen, but it’s true. In his personal memoir Dreams

from My Father (1995), Mr. Obama recounts his experiences “getting high” as a youth while in college, experimenting with marijuana, cocaine, and drinking alcohol. During his original campaign for president, advisers worried his past mistakes would be a major turnoff to potential voters, but in reality, many voters appreciated his honesty and were able to identify with the troubles he faced as a conflicted youth in America. 7 No coffee, alcohol, or

cigarettes today! Barack Obama has sure made up for the “bad decisions” of his youth and is much more health conscious today. Mr. Obama reportedly is not a fan of coffee, and tries to drink tea instead whenever possible. Also, even though he has been photographed here or there enjoying a frosty beer (When he attended a Washington Wizards Vs. Chicago Bulls NBA game, for example.) the current president hardly drinks any

alcohol. Also, after a number of failed attempts, he gave up smoking cigarettes to be a better example to his two young daughters. Obama also refrains from eating any unhealthy fast food, and for a president who has been on the road many times campaigning, visiting cities, and speaking abroad, that is pretty impressive. 6 He's got style! Okay, admittedly, this is not exactly a surprising fact. Barack Obama is clearly one of the

most stylish and well-dressed presidents to sit in the Oval Office since former President John F. Kennedy. But what may not be common knowledge is that Mr. Obama wears well-tailored classy Hart Schaffner Marx suits (The cost $1500 each!), he owns four pairs of identical black size 11 shoes, and he gets his hair cut every week by his favorite Chicago Barber. The president also has been known to sport a

slick looking pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. It is especially interesting to note, that Mr. Obama does not rely on a personal stylist to achieve his cool demeanor. 5 Technology President Obama has been known to be one of the most forward-thinking presidents when it comes to advancing tech. He has also said many times that he loves cool technology and has even admitted that he has a bad habit of constantly checking

his smartphone. The President has often been seen using his iPad 2 or MacBook Pro, and is one of the first presidents to widely use social media like twitter and popular cell phone applications. Obama has also joked that he had hoped that when he became president he would have access to exciting science-fiction type technology, but much to his dismay, the White House was not as technologically advanced as he

had hoped! 4 Dog Meat While living in Indonesia, Obama ate (to us) some pretty obscure food. He ate dog meat, snake meat, and roasted grasshopper. His Indonesian stepfather Lolo believed a person gains the powers of the animal through eating different meat. Lolo vowed to bring home a piece of tiger meat for the two of them to share. It’s not clear if he ever ate Tiger. There ended up being quite a

fuss made over the fact Obama ate dog meat. In fact, any time this subject was brought up, Romney was reminded of Seamus. Seamus was Romney’s family dog, who he strapped to the top of his car in a crate for 12 hours during a drive. 3. 10 Half Siblings: Obama has 10 half siblings between his mother, father, and stepfather, Lolo Soetoro. His half brother, Malik Obama, who is Kenyan but reportedly

registered to vote in Maryland, stated that he will be voting for Trump in the upcoming election. Although they were each other’s best men at their respective weddings, the relationship between the president and Malik seems strained. Malik says that he feels the president is not honest, meanwhile Malik had allegedly been caught selling letters from the president for $15,000 each. Malik also unsuccessfully ran for political office in Kenya. 2 Obama Beer

A Kenyan beer named Senator Keg was nicknamed "Obama" by local consumers of the beverage. Obama’s father is from Kenya and locals started calling the beer “Obama” in 2004 when Obama won the Illinois senate seat. It’s sold to low-income consumers who have little to no option for safe beer in their area. The beer actually serves an important function in that it’s affordable and competes with bootleg home brews which can contain

deadly chemicals. 1 Unfinished business President Obama's term in office is quickly coming to an end, and although you would think he might be exhausted after his many years in politics, from Illinois Senator to eight years in the Oval Office, in reality he still has big plans for his career after his presidency. Even though he has not precisely revealed his post-presidency plans, he has hinted that he will likely continue

his work as a community organizer and with policies related to immigration, race relations, criminal justice reform, and gun control.

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20 Things You Didn't Know About Barack Obama!""20 Things You Didn’t Know About Barack Obama! 20 Related to Brad Pitt President Obama is a 9th cousin of actor Brad Pitt. Amazingly, while the President shares a bloodline with Brad Pitt, Hillary Clinton shares a bloodline with Angelina Jolie. Barack is also related to six of our former presidents: George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford,...