BREAKING NEWS: Rich Piana Has Passed Away

After falling under a coma, the bodybuilding world stops to provide tribute to Rich Piana as he unfortunately dies.

Now, after defending his life in a coma, a true physical fitness icon has actually also passed away– Rich Piana.

This week has actually been difficult for bodybuilders and fans of the physical fitness industry. First, we received the heart-breaking news that Dallas McCarver died.

Bodybuilders commemorate bodybuilding/fitness icon, Rich Piana

Numerous elite bodybuilders have paid tribute to Rich Piana after becoming aware of his death.

The homages are pouring in from many fans, with another good friend of Rich Piana (Bradley Martyn) publishing a heart-felt message too.

” Sending prayers to his household and liked ones.”

Professional athletes such as Callum Von Moger have actually posted on twitter, saying: “A big man with a huge heart– RIP Rich Piana.

” This has actually been a sad week for the physical fitness world. Advises us life is brief. Life is precious. Enjoy each moment as it could be your last.


SpotMeBro wants to send our sincere acknowledgements to his household, good friends and anyone closely linked with him. Pay your tributes in the comments area and be considerate during this duration.

Just 6 years later on, Rich began completing as a bodybuilder, earning the title of Mr. California by the age of 19.

Ultimately, Rich’s love for the fitness industry was apparent throughout his life. He was understood for offering ‘whatever it takes’ to attain the body he desired– inspiring many fans in the procedure.

Born in California (USA), Rich found his enthusiasm for physical fitness at the early age of 9; he was influenced by his mom, seeing her train and compete in bodybuilding competitions.

On the 25th August 2017, the entire fitness and bodybuilding world stood still; it was announced that Rich Piana was dead, after defending his life in a coma for an amount of time.

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