The Age Of Aquarius Says I Know Now What The Globalists Agenda Is!

Do you notice when you read there is never any “Fake News” on President Trump or conservative views stories. But, there is always fake news reports about how Obama has destroyed the USA and it’s employment engine, all of the sudden its Trump’s fault. Even though President Trump and his policies have not even broke through the corruption that is Washington, D.C. And then there is the traitor senator of the United States John McCain (R-AZ), who chooses to go against his own parties agenda to help veterans and reverse the deficit. Really? And, McCain blatantly avoids questions about his controversial “McCain Institute” that has obvious ties to criminals like George Soros. But, on, every article or story proclaiming many different scandals or possible treasonous evidence against these swamp people is considered “Fake News”.

Do you notice how every tactic used by evil people, liberals and the globalists employ a reverse narrative, or reverse psychological tactic intended to hypnotize the young generations, and the normal american citizen into believing their policies are working. When in fact all the left and the globalists are really doing is getting financially rich and giving the rest of the American people the middle finger. As if they were bullet proof?

There comes a time to set the record straight and hold these congressmen and senators accountable for their actions. There also comes a time to hold them accountable for their lack of transparency, even though many liberal democrats state that they are transparent.  I say, when they say what they are, it is “Never” who they really are or what they stand for.  Every step they take is about subversion!

A good example of subversion is when, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA) always comments negatively on every policy or executive order conservatives, or even President Trump promotes and signs into law.  Pelosi’s excuse is “Oh, They are just protecting billionaires and the rich”. The reason she makes this statement over and over about the conservatives and there so called collusion with every billionaire on wall street and around the world, is due to the fact that the millionaires who are also benefiting from many different policies and lobbyists in Washington, D.C., that Pelosi has coddled and  produced would also be the same economic demographic that Pelosi and her husband are in as well!  Do you know that according to Celebrity Net Worth, Nancy Pelosi and here husband are worth approximately $120 million dollars.

Now how is it that a congresswoman who has an average annual salary for the past 28+ years in congress, of over $130,000 per year be worth $120 million dollars? Well, maybe if her husband was earning around $2 million per year in that very same time frame of 28+ years, and if you included investments, and the fact that they never had a family with children, that they had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on to raise and take care of, and/or if Nancy Pelosi’s husband came from a rich family that suddenly we never knew about until decades later. And, maybe they just got lucky in the stock market, of all the evil places according to Pelosi’s daily statements about greedy conservatives, and one day suddenly, their $50 million in the bank, magically becomes $120 million…… Well, I tried….it is blatantly obvious that swamp creatures like Pelosi have so far….gotten away with actually Not being accountable for her actions and favoritism in congress over these past three decades…. When will it end??

I feel that the major subversion tactic by the liberal democrats is the false declaration that the confederate states, generals of the confederate army such as “Robert E. Lee, in the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865, and the creation of the KKK in the south were of the Republican political party.  When, in fact, President Lincoln was our very first Republican president. So, if this were the case, then the actual truth is that the confederate states, their army and generals were actually of the Democratic Political party affiliation and the generations of human beings on this planet and the past 10 or so generations of United Stated citizens have been indoctrinated into the belief that this known historical fact was actually a reverse and false tactic arranged and planned out by the democrats!

In recent events in places like South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia, the uprising groups, tearing down statues of confederate generals and any representation pertaining to the historical revolution of the southern United States, was intended to tear apart the conservative and republican parties of the United States. This has obviously become another subversion by  liberal democrats. Without any back lash from our so called main stream media, who at one time in American history was known for fighting for the blue collar citizens of America….the voice to be heard and reckoned with.

My point within this entire article is that generations of our young americans have been indoctrinated from birth including my generation born in the 19- 30’s,40’s,50’s and 60’s. It is happening in the educational systems, from kindergarten to higher education. There is a consistant curriculum that Washington, D.C. demands that all national, state and local governments stay accountable too, and that is a 50 year window of our country and this earths historical records.  If it is more than 50 years ago, the powers that be really do not want the modern citizen really understanding or knowing what has been set in motion, or where all the jobs have gone, or where they have wasted all of our tax money.  In other words, it should not be only one organization like “Black Lives Matter” screaming we are slaves to the system and to America, but in fact, according to enlightened historical truth, we are all slaves and the powers that be have gotten away with murder, deception, treason and many other evil atrocities!

We are within the times of Aquarius in the zodiac, which is the sign for “I Know”!

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